Democracy Vouchers

Democracy Vouchers

As the congressman of CA-34, I will staunchly advocate for a guaranteed democracy voucher for every voter. Every voter, regardless of party or wealth, will receive a voucher that can be used to donate to candidates who truly represent the values of the people.

Our journey to return political power to the people starts with giving Americans the tools to fight back against corporate influence. Today, actual constituents have less of an effect on the actions of politicians than ever before. They hold far less sway than the top donor class, and that influence only decreases in poorer populations. When voter interests are taken into consideration, it is often disproportionately those of conservative white males with immense wealth, creating a power imbalance and skewing politicians’ perception of public opinion.

Vouchers have a proven track record. The city of Seattle administered a voucher program in 2017, with immediate results. The program, which only drew ~0.06% of the city budget, was successful in doubling the average number of contributors, dramatically diversifying the socioeconomic and racial makeup of donors, expanding the range of non-establishment candidates, and vastly increasing the voting rate. Furthermore, the quantity of vouchers submitted doubled in the 2021 election, indicating the program’s impacts were growing in reach. 

In a district like Los Angeles, where the majority of local election funds come from outside LA or from wealthy, white, home-owning neighborhoods, a voucher program could be revolutionary. 70% of Los Angeles is made up of people of color. This program could help balance the scales of political influence, ensuring that non-wealthy, BIPOC communities hold a legitimate impact in elections, encouraging greater civic participation from once-neglected voters, and more engaged representation from elected officials who previously may have neglected entire communities.

Middle-class and impoverished families, who currently have little influence on political elections, will gain the power to collectively impact Washington in a way never seen before. Candidates will be pressured to prioritize the needs of average voters, not powerful donors. Legislation in Washington will increasingly serve the well-being of Americans, not corporations and their lobbyists. Candidates won’t need to pander to corporate PACs, creating a level playing field for 100% grassroots campaigns. Today, we are fighting a grassroots campaign against the corporate-powered political machine, to build a tomorrow that uplifts progressives creating change in their communities.