Foreign Policy

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Redefining Global Relations

Our current world order seeks to impose, rather than uplift. International institutions and powerful nation-states have suppressed the agency of peoples in the Global South, imposing potentially oppressive political and economic regimes. Unfortunately, the United States has not only been complicit, but also a driving force of this status quo. Domestically, we can transform American foreign policy, in order to uplift the autonomy and material resources of oppressed populations.

Our Goals

  • Prioritize diplomacy instead of military intervention or broad economic sanctions. 
  • Promote long-term, stable international relationships through infrastructure and development funding. 
  • Elevate the voice of regional governments in international institutions’ decision-making.
  • Prioritize the perspective of indigenous collectives, and provide non-statist approaches to their self-determination, both in the U.S and abroad.
  • Dismantle exploitative or neo-colonial policies of the IMF and World Bank, and scale-back their current enforcement of market-liberalization in the Global South.
  • Build and retain alliances through developmental investment, rather than hard power reliance.
  • Restructure our trade policy to be fair and non-exploitative, while investing in the capital development of impoverished nations.
  • Stop endless, wasteful regime-change wars, and rein in Presidential war powers.  
  • Advocate for human rights both here, and abroad. 
  • Advocate for bolder, global climate action and climate reparations to developing countries.
  • Significantly cut the defense budget and reinvest in our communities.

Our Priorities

Diplomacy, Not War:
  • Stop waging endless wars.
  • Reduce the President’s power to authorize military conflicts, bringing the power back to Congress.
  • Reduce the President’s ability to unilaterally authorize “emergency” sales of military equipment/weapons to foreign governments, without explicit congressional approval.
  • Push for alternatives to inhumane, broad-based economic sanctions.  
  • End the influence of military contractors on elected officials through campaign finance reform.
  • Advocate for the establishment of a Department of Peace.
Stand for Human Rights, Here and Abroad:
  • Advocate for human rights accountability by rejoining the International Criminal Court.
  • Advocate for the rights of indigenous people globally.
  • Limit the authority of nation-states in restricting the transboundary movement and sovereignty of indigenous groups.
  • Push for a ban on nuclear weapons globally and ratify the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
  • End discriminatory bans on entry of citizens from other countries.
  • Ensure protections for whistleblowers who expose wrongdoing of governments.
  • End unchecked authority to spy on civilians without a warrant by repealing the Patriot Act.
  • Stand for the human rights of women, the LGBTQIA+ community, children, and people with disabilities, here and abroad.
Promote Global Economic Justice and Sustainability:
  • Decrease the Defense budget of 1.52 trillion, and invest in tackling the climate crisis, pandemics, and domestic and global inequity.
  • Push for a global minimum tax to make the rich pay taxes like we do, instead of allowing them to hide their wealth using tax shelters.
  • Advocate for a global living wage to lift millions out of poverty.
  • Investigate exploitation and environmental destruction in the supply chains of multinational corporations, and prosecute them accordingly; we will hold these businesses accountable for the actions of their subcontractors.
  • Support cancellation of unjust and unpayable global debts so that developing countries can dedicate resources to fund infrastructure, the domestic economy, public health, education, and social programs. 
  • Fight to dismantle the IMF and World Bank’s austerity loan conditions, ensuring that vulnerable governments are not forced to de-regulate industry and labor, and/or defund essential public services.
  • Demand that the IMF and WTO institute requirements for fair trade, as globalization continues.
  • Reform the International Monetary Fund to provide necessary climate funds for vulnerable countries.
  • End vaccine apartheid through bills like the NOVID Act.

Country Policies

Israel & Palestine
  • Withhold all economic, diplomatic, and military aid to Israel, until:
    • An immediate cease-fire of the Israel-Gaza war is reached (verified by an international third party).
    • A wide-scale humanitarian distribution of supplies in Gaza is conducted.
    • The “open-air prison” siege of Gaza is eliminated.
    • Israel initiates progress in fulfilling bullet #2.
      • If Israel satisfies these requirements in a timely manner, support for its defensive needs against any future Hamas hostility can resume.
  • Advocate for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.
    • Leverage US diplomatic and economic influence to pressure the Israeli government to replace its far-right government, enabling more productive two-state negotiations.
  • Support the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement which prevents purchases of products made in occupied Palestine.
  • Establish an international criminal court through the UN Security Council to prosecute illegal settlers in the West Bank and deliver justice to Palestinian families.
North & South Korea
  • End the Korean War officially through diplomacy. 
  • End unsubstantiated broad-based sanctions against North Korea, which only hurt innocent civilians.
  • End military exercises with South Korean and Japanese military forces on the Korean Peninsula.
  • Lift the travel ban to and from North Korea.
  • Advocate for the long-term reunification of Korea, while first working towards achieving peace on the Korean peninsula, through legislation like H.R. 1369..
  • Address gun trafficking to Mexico by holding U.S. gun companies accountable.
  • Advocate for fair and transparent trade agreements that end the exploitation of Mexico’s natural resources by U.S. corporations and support workers’ right to a living wage.
  • Stop U.S. oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Revamp immigration policies to respect the right of foreign nationals seeking refuge in the U.S. 
Central America 
  • Reverse harmful provisions in the Central America Free Trade Agreement that undermine local regulations and social protections, while privileging foreign corporations.
  • Acknowledge and take responsibility for funding and promoting proxy wars in countries like El Salvador and Guatemala during the 1980s. 
  • Revamp immigration policies that are more humane and respect the right of foreign nationals to seek refuge in the U.S. 
  • End the financial sanctions that are crippling the country.
  • Engage in restrained diplomacy with the Taliban ruling government, while advocating for women’s rights in the region.
  • Increase humanitarian aid assistance to Afghanistan.
  • Repeal presidential authority to use military force in Iraq by supporting H.R. 256.
  • Advocate for the complete removal of all U.S. military personnel, protecting our servicemembers from Iran-backed militia attacks.
  • Help the Iraqi government defend against a resurgence of the Islamic-State through soft-power approaches and economic support, rather than military presence. 
  • Increase humanitarian aid assistance to Iraq.
Yemen and Saudi Arabia
  • End arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
  • End arms sales to the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen, including UAE.
  • Support a third-party arbiter towards a peaceful resolution.
  • Increase humanitarian aid assistance to Yemen.
  • Under no circumstance approve a mutual defense treaty with Saudi Arabia.
  • Impose a travel ban and/or sanctions on Crown Prince Mohammed Bin-Salman if the brutal crackdown of dissidents (like that of Jamal Khashoggi) continues.
  • Withdraw all occupying U.S. military forces from the Northern province of Syria.
  • Reinstate diplomatic ties to the Syrian Government, under the condition that Syria conducts a free and fair election moderated by the UN.
  • Increase humanitarian aid assistance to Syria.
  • Vocally stand in solidarity with the vast majority of Iranian people who reject the Islamic Republic as their legitimate government.
  • Phase out economic sanctions, given that this measure has done little to empower the population or pressure the regime to improve.
  • Reject any form of military escalation or action that could result in conflict with Iran.
  • Following the aforementioned actions, refuse any further diplomatic tie or economic trade with the Islamic Republic.
  • End military aid to Azerbaijan and Turkey.
  • Support the sovereignty for the Republic of Artsakh’s independence.
  • Advocate for the protection of Armenia’s historical and cultural sites in the region.
  • Support peaceful negotiations in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.
  • Prioritize diplomacy and human rights for US-China policies.
  • Actively participate in international organizations to strengthen human rights in China.
  • Build strong relations and support human rights activists, persecuted religious and ethnic minorities, and other civil society actors across the country.
  • Support independent Chinese news media to counter the Chinese government’s censorship and cyber-surveillance. 
  • End the ineffective China Initiative to address the broad racial profiling of Chinese and Chinese American scientists in the United States.